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Sinheungsa Temple Mt. Seoraksan Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

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Đã xuất bản vào 29 Jun 2018 / Trong Du Lịch & Sự Kiện

On your next visit to Gangwan-do, Korea, pay a visit to Sinheungsa Temple, Mt. Seoraksan.

This exquisitely crafted building, first built in the 7th century, is considered the oldest existing Zen Buddhist temple. It has been destroyed by fire twice over the years, and always rebuilt. Singheungsa Temple, Mt. Seoraksan sightseeing usually includes pausing beneath the 50-foot bronze Buddha statue, which sits outside the building itself.

While the temple was once home to hundreds of monks of the Jogye Order, it is now a quiet place to enjoy a peaceful afternoon.

What was your favorite part of Sinheungsa Temple, Mt. Seoraksan?

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